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The New “Xbox One”



So the next generation Xbox was announced yesterday, called “Xbox One.” Its name is a little confusing, since, well, this is the 3rd generation console and the 4th model design. I think its code name during development, “Durango,” is better than what they ended up with and that’s saying something because even Durango is a stupid name for a

Name aside, there are also some other troubling things I read about Microsoft’s next generation video game console. For example, its design. The thing is a big black boxy piece of ugliness. It looks plain and boring. Many have compared it’s look to a VCR. I think someone dropped the ball on that one because if its being compared to a piece of technology that was around in the 1980’s is not a good thing.

It was also announced that due to the type of processors it would have, the Xbox One would not be backwards compatible with Xbox 360 games. I would have hoped that Microsoft could have figured out a way around this because this is a huge drawback. But no worries, approximately half of original Xbox games should be compatible via emulation with hopefully only some hiccups (please note the sarcasm here).

Before you think it couldn’t get any worse, the Xbox One will also have a built-in system to prevent t wide sale of used games. Per my understanding, once a game is purchased the Xbox One will require you to download the game to the console’s hard drive. If someone else tries to load that game to the console from that disc, they would be required pay an unspecified fee (in addition to however much they purchased it for at the store). It is also rumored that once you sell that game and someone else pays to load it to their system, your copy is removed.

I should note that I’m not mentioning any of the advantages of the Xbox One, and I’m not going to. These shortcomings are too great and outweigh any advancements it makes. For me, I’ll stick with my Xbox 360 and skip this generation Xbox or wait until Microsoft fixes these drawbacks.


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