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“Location Boxing”



I came across an article from Lifehacker about a concept called “location boxing.” It refers to changing your physical location (home, work, coffee shop, etc.) according to the task at hand so your brain in more attuned with the environment. An example from the article was the author only responding to email from a nearby cafe and then ignoring them once at the office. This way he was better able to focus on what he did at each location. Compartmentalizing in a sense.

I remember other similar examples from college. In my Cognitive Psychology class the professor discussed how studying for tests can be more effective if you’re able to study where you’ll actually be taking the test. This way, as you review and learn (hopefully) the material, that knowledge is being associated with the physical environment you’re in on some level in the brain. This way when taking the test, your brain can more easily retrieve the needed information from environmental triggers.

This concept also applies to why its advised to not do anything in your bed apart from sleeping. So no eating, no reading, and definitely no TV. This way your body isn’t confused when you lay down at night and its easier to fall asleep.

Here’s a link to the original article from Lifehacker:


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