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Top iPhone Apps I Couldn’t Live Without

iPhone-4s-appsConfession: I am one of those compulsive people who will routinely closes out apps on my iPhone so that only the most used apps are there. Yes, it can take time to double-tap the home button, long press one of the most recent apps, and then hit that little red circle with the line. But I do so that the apps I use the most are easily accessible and not cluttered among other ones.


So below are some of the most used apps on my phone with a brief snippet as to why. Please note that they are not listed in particular order. Also, basic apps like Phone, Music, and Messages have been excluded from consideration.


Facebook: self-explanatory.


Twitter: Also self-explanatory, but I use the default app because it provides the ability to add more than one account so everything can still be done in one place.


Mailbox: Been using this in place of the default Mail app. Mailbox takes an innovative approach to email and turns your inbox into a to-do list with the goal of reaching “Zero Inbox” or no current messages. You can easily push things back to later and mark items complete so you can focus on what’s important right now.


Tempo Smart Calendar: I’ve also been using this in place of the default Calendar app. I don’t have any qualms with the latter but Tempo provides more info and context for each event along with the current weather. Tempo allows me to easily see a map of the location and message/email the other participants if I’m late. Very useful.


iTunes U: I have a commute to work each day and I take public transit. I enjoy listening to podcasts from colleges and universities on very diverse topics that are of interest to me. Currently listening to a course on evaluating information from the University of Michigan.


Data Usage Pro: I have a limited data plan at 300mb in order to save money. This handy little app helps keep me from going over that limit and provides alerts and projections on use along the way. This is the only paid app on the list and it was worth it all the way.


Wunderlist: My to-do app that syncs to the online site and app on my computer. I can easily share lists with others and set reminders and due dates. Very smooth and intuitive.wunderlist-2-iphone-ios-570x580


IMDb: Often my wife and I are watching a show and recognize one of the characters but don’t know where we’ve seen them before. IMDb always comes to the rescue.


Into the Dead: I don’t play a lot of games on my phone but this is my current favorite. Very simple premise in that you run as long as you can without being eaten by zombies. There are weapons along the way to help you along.


LDS Gospel Library: This is the official app from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons). I’m able to use this app to study my scriptures on the go along with other church materials. It lets me plan lessons and syncs the data to my online account at so all my notes and highlights are up-to-date.


Dropbox: I love Dropbox and its service is invaluable. This is my go-to source for cloud storage.


Circa: I love their approach to news and breaking the story down into quick, easy snippets.


Zite: I like Zite and how it “learns” what kind of news I like and put into my feed. Convenient sharing options are a plus.


Honorable Mentions: WordPress, Hootsuite, Soundcloud, Lemon Wallet, Yahoo Weather