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Storify & Social Media Curation

Clip from the Storify homepage

Clip from the Storify homepage

I remember the first time I heard about Storify and how much of an amazing idea it was. Its a wonderful service that allows the user to pull content from across the Internet (with a focus on social media) and put it all together with your own comments to curate stories. So for example, with the recent events in Boston, there are many different stories on Storify right now where people are piecing together tweets, pictures, videos, and links they’ve found and putting it all together in one place. Pretty cool stuff.

I feel in love with Storify right away. It was fairly simple to use and intuitive with its design. The possibilities were endless…but there was a problem: I didn’t know what stories to curate! There were so many options I didn’t know what to do. I could feel my interest peaking and my flow wanting to come out and play but I couldn’t find the way to focus it.

Slowly I began to figure out different ways to use it though and my flow kicked in. Now I have a few different Storify accounts to go in line with the different twitter accounts I have. One is my personal one, another is associated with my religion and things I do with my church, and the last is an anonymous account I want go too much into for fairly obvious reasons. So within my church I often give lessons in a class or provide a presentation about a given topic. I found that using Storify is a great way to compile my notes and provide it to all the listeners. Very effective and beneficial.

I also use Storify to compile my favorite tweets from the past week and have them all in place. I used it during a conference once too to take notes in conjunction with twitter. I would follow the hashtag associated with the conference and favorite the updates I liked from others. I then used Storify to put all those favorited tweets along with my own during the conference together in one place. Boom! Taking notes like a boss.

Now with my personal Storify account I unfortunately have to report it has fairly minimal use. I curated one story about one of my favorite TV shows right now: Community. I also experimented with using and ifttt (more on that later) with Storify to compile all the different articles and news items I read each day. Very easy to do but I ultimately let it slowly die because the response was limited.

In the end, I hope to continue using Storify more and incorporate it into this site. Storify is supposed to work well and play nice with WordPress so that integration is seamless. We shall see. You can find out more about Storify here.

How do you see yourself using Storify?