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Zombies vs. Lazarus: The digital resurrection of canceled television

Excellent post on the changing medium of cable TV with the greater distribution of the digital format and what that can mean for discontinued shows. I’m personally extremely pleased with Veronica Mars feature film project through Kickstarter.


Used to be, when a TV show got canceled, it was dead and it stayed dead. But with the rise of the digital age, shows are coming back from the grave right and left.

This week, news broke that the remaining eight episodes of the ABC (s DIS) sitcom Don’t Trust the B In Apartment 23, which was taken off the air in January, would be posted to, Hulu and iTunes.

The announcement is a boon for fans of the show, but they shouldn’t get their hopes up that successful online distribution will mean another season of the show; much of the cast has already moved on to other projects.

However, another show may truly get a second life: Also this week, rumors spread that Microsoft (s MSFT) is looking at rebooting NBC’s (s CMCST) Heroes, which was canceled in 2010, for Xbox and MSN distribution

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