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I’m a Myrtle Beach native and current Georgia resident. I’m interested in technology, psychology, politics, social media, and much more! I’m also a huge Harry Potter fan which is a very important thing to know about me.

My academic background includes a BA in Psychology, a MA in Counseling, and a MBA which will be completed later this year. I help people develop a greater awareness of themselves so they can use that knowledge to be happier and more in control of their lives. I strongly belief that gaining insight into why we do the things we do gives us immense power to make healthy decisions.

With technology I love every new little thing that I come across and would love to be an early adopter (finances are limited for that though). I’m an Apple fanboy through and through but couldn’t live without Google and their invaluable services. I prefer twitter over Facebook and maintain multiple blogs in addition to this one.

I also enjoy reading about politics even if it requires taking the occasional break from it’s BS so I can maintain my sanity (gotta keep that blood pressure down too). Business is another key area of interest and I enjoy helping others be more effective and productive. When I’m not keeping busy with all of the above, I love to escape with a good book or devote countless hours into watching quality film and television.

También hablo español que aprendí mientras servía como misionero en México por La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Últimos Días. Soy Mormón y orgulloso de ello. Yo vivo mi fe todos los días, y considero como uno de los puntos más fuertes que tengo.



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